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Spring 2007 issue of the USA Body Psychotherapy Journal honoring Stanley Keleman for his lifework


New CD and DVD of Stanley Keleman’s presentations in England and Germany 





Spring Workshop in Solingen 

Dreams and the Body

Dreams are the language of the body speaking to itself. They arise from our motile anatomy and tell us about shapes and experiences that are seeking to come into existence in the awake world of daily living.Dreams are the motoric cues, the formative urgings, from which we can shape and grow our lives. Using voluntary muscular-cortical effort with dream experiences is a way to address the basic issue of how to grow a personal body from the body we inherit.

PlaceMuseum Baden, Wuppertaler Str. 160, 42653 Solingen-Gräfrath. Route see:
Starting:       Thursday, April 3th till  Sunday 6 th, 2014


Summer Workshop in Berkeley  

Taking Charge of Your Life

The personal power to take charge of our life is not found in external images or societal precepts. It is a power that comes from the voluntary participation in the shapes of our embodiment.The ability to influence our destiny comes from the deepest source of inner pulsation, our life force. How we voluntarily encourage or inhibit our innate actions establishes the autonomy to reorganize the past and present and orient to the future.

The program includes practice with the Formative Psychology™ method, didactic presentation and individual work with Keleman in the group. The Formative Pscyhology™ method is the heart of the work and teaches the process of voluntary management of behavior. The intent is to support individual expression, deepen somatic experience, and gain practical skills in using the formative methodology when working with oneself or others.

Starting:           12 July till 16 July 2014       

Stanley Keleman has been practicing and developing somatic therapy for over thirty years and is a pioneer in his study of the body and its connection to the sexual, emotional, psychological and imaginative aspects of human experience. Through his writings and practice, he has developed a methodology and conceptual framework for the life of the body



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